Meta Filter. “we thought ChristianMingle ended up being a website for Christians to mingle

Meta Filter. “we thought ChristianMingle ended up being a website for Christians to mingle

However you’re right that secular Judaism is a fairly unique animal, an item associated with the particular Jewish social history enabling Jews become Jewish but additionally to not ever be religious, that isn’t one thing you frequently get in religions, where your participation into the faith is exactly what identifies you as an associate of this religion. published by maxsparber at 11:18 AM on 5, 2016 [1 favorite july]

I understand that I instinctively feel just like there is an improvement between Grindr perhaps maybe not serving females and ChristianMingle perhaps not serving homosexual people

Some discrimination in whom people decide to date appears inoffensive. It is okay never to desire to date ladies or gents, and it is okay to desire to date somebody who shares your faith or absence thereof. Nonetheless, it appears unsatisfactory in order to make a service that is purportedly for all Christians then quietly ban people that are LGBT just like it might be incorrect to start a website purportedly for several homosexual guys then again quietly ban Christians. published by justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow at 11:29 AM on 5, 2016 [17 favorites july]

I understand that We instinctively feel just like there is a significant difference between Grindr not serving females and ChristianMingle maybe not serving homosexual people

Because Christians could be homosexual individuals and the other way around? It is a website fundamentally for Christians who would like to date other Christians. Meaning additionally homosexual Christians.

Whereas Grindr is a website for dudes that are looking to have along with other dudes. On preview, yes, where Grindr would be in difficulty is when they somehow decided that “Christian dudes” had been not a wele subset of “dudes that would like to get along with other dudes.” published by We place our faith in Blast Hardcheese at 11:35 AM on 5, 2016 july

“Ha! We’ve once more forced ourselves into a place where we aren’t desired, and now we don’t desire to be right here other, however now you can’t make us keep!”

You be seemingly stating that you can findn’t actually gay Christians who legitimately desired to make use of Christian dating internet site to find other gay Christians. I do believe you’re mistaken. posted by straight at 11:38 AM on 5, 2016 [14 favorites july]

I’m sure down intellectually that I instinctively feel like there’s a difference between Grindr not serving women and ChristianMingle not serving gay people, but I can’t pin it.

Churches can legitimately exclude homosexual individuals, since there is a spiritual exemption (exact same with Salvation Army – do not offer your cash for them). Presumably ChristianMingle is just a for-profit company. But above, this is not the court saying “you can not discriminate,” it’s the court saying “you must pay the settlement you consented to.” we’d imagine the websites are changing their TOS so because be up against more legal actions.

So when we talked about, Grindr does not exclude females, merely like homosexual (male) pubs do not exclude ladies. Ladies (mostly) select never to get. We question they’d lawfully have the ability to. posted by AFABulous at 12:03 PM on 5, 2016 july

maxsparber: the overriding point is that there surely is A christianity that is secular’s just not known as such. Xmas actually has bee a holiday that is secular and there are all sorts of comparable things we do this had been fundamentally Christian but have bee secularized, so much so that the Christian beginning is lost, like all the wellness some ideas we pursue that basically e from places like the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

jacquilynne’s and praemunir’s explanations. many thanks both!

But maxsparber, think the Christian origins of Christmas time have already been lost? all things considered, everyone else understands the storyline. The basic population has not rejected its spiritual roots. Many people celebrate it as a Christian getaway therefore the birthday celebration of these messiah. Exactly the same is valid for Easter. simply because young ones get chocolate eggs through the Easter Bunny, that does not suggest Easter just isn’t a religious christian getaway. Neither are secularized by itself, when you look at the feeling they are nevertheless religiously significant to a massive percentage of the US population.

Then going through the motions isn’t it if being secular is defined as a rejection of religion. Can it be? posted by zarq at 12:51 PM on 5, 2016 july

I simply browse the Salvation Army wiki–youch!! ( surprised, surprised during the laziness for the NYC government. )

Ok, so there’s a spiritual exemption. Then how comen’t ChristianMingle claiming it?

And yes, Grindr can state so it doesn’t discriminate against women. But at the time that is same can say “but yeah, most likely not likely to be delighted here.” Why can not CM do the thing that is same homosexual individuals? published by Melismata at 12:55 PM on July 5, 2016 [1 favorite]

Okay, so there’s an exemption that is religious. Then exactly why isn’t ChristianMingle claiming it?

Simply because they’re and never an organization that is non-profit. published by zarq at 12:57 PM on 5, 2016 july

Why can’t CM perform some ditto for homosexual individuals?

Ca law forbids organizations from refusing to provide customers centered on their religion, intimate orientation or sex identification.

Additionally, there are lots of homosexual Christians. There are lots of Christian churches that help homosexual individuals dating, falling in love, marrying and having kiddies. published by zarq at 12:59 PM on 5, 2016 [8 favorites july]

But maxsparber, I do not think the Christian origins of xmas were lost?

individuals who celebrate it as being a holiday that is religious no. But you will find a great deal of Us citizens who have Christmas time woods, available gift suggestions, leave cookies for Santa, consume Christmas supper, watch it’s really a life that is wonderful and execute a million other Christmas time things without Jesus or their delivery every ing up.

I think is almost pletely secularized at the moment for them, it’s a secular holiday, as is Halloween, which was also a Christian holiday, but. posted by maxsparber at 12:59 PM on July 5, 2016 [8 favorites]

we’d imagine the moms and dad pany of ChristianMingle is all too thrilled to get revenue from gays who want to utilize the website. They probably only excluded them out of neglect and lack of knowledge or simply because they thought a few of the customers that are christian away by seeing choices for men-seeking-men or women-seeking-women.

If it absolutely was the second, they may be most likely happy to help you to allow gays utilize the website and blame it regarding the government if some of their Christian consumers do not like it. posted by right at 1:02 PM on 5, 2016 [1 favorite july]

The pany or business is not earnestly women that are excluding.

Does the website have actually “seeking” terms which are not male-specific? Then it would seem to be excluding women and straight women based on the logic of this case if so (and I don’t know either way. published by jpe at 2:15 PM on 5, 2016 [1 favorite july]

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