We utilize Remote Desktop from the Windows 10 PC to could work Computer which also operates Windows 10. This works well, with a connection that is stable

We utilize Remote Desktop from the Windows 10 PC to could work Computer which also operates Windows 10. This works well, with a connection that is stable

Remote Desktop freezes whenever on Teams call

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20ms latency. Whenever we take up a contact Teams, it becomes extremely unstable, utilizing the remote desktop often totally freezing (no error communications, no attempts to reconnect, simply prevents responding plus the sound immediately cuts down). When this occurs, i will still switch between full display screen and windowed mode, but I must shut the window and reconnect manually before it will work once more.

Running a ping -t from my device usually shows a small spike in latency (usually somewhere in the near order of 80 – 200ms for just one or two requests) as s n as the remote desktop freezes, but nothing that I would personally start thinking about to be always a serious problem.

What can I really do to troublesh t / resolve this problem?

Many thanks for the details you provided, my pleasure to assist you.

We understand present situation is you have to work at home. Based on your description, it appears as though the bond issue between you and your remote host. Actually for my experience, this is simply not regarding Teams but also for your remote access. Within my workstation, i have already been cut out sometime when I was searching or during any testing tasks. just as if you mentioned, we have reconnect the remote server, i possibly could sill maximum or minimize the windows throughout that time, precisely identical to your position.

Present we’ve not a lot of device to troublesh ting if this t k place as s n as the lagging when in terms of the remote working, to separate the issue, you may do the testing if it is possible

You have your teams client installed on your local machine, or you could log in https //teams if it is possible, when.microsoft / sign in with your work account and attempt to do the audio call here to check out if there is any cut fully out action through that duration.

In addition, for the Teams admin, he may have to relate to the to see any cut that is unusual audio call task through the Microsoft Teams PSTN usage report.

My experience with remote desktop yesterday ended up being that we worked without the difficulty from day to night (with no lagging and no disconnections), except when I was using Teams particularly in order to make sound telephone calls. I could only go for about 30 – 60 seconds before the remote desktop session froze and I saw the network latency spikes, as measured by ping when vegan mobile chat I made audio calls.

My experience today is significantly degraded from yesterday, this really is due to a local contention that is wireless on my side which can be leading to latency of around 200ms. It has left Teams entirely unusable on my remote computer and I have installed it on my local computer, where this has functioned with only the typical amount of issues (calling is fine and remote desktop is fine).

We appreciate that Teams is extremely sensitive to network performance. My issue is more along the lines of the fact it is capable of knocking out remote desktop when it encounters increased community latency (normally, until I close it and reconnect) if I experience an issue with an increase in latency remote desktop starts to lag quite a bit, but it doesn’t completely freeze and when the latency drops back to normal, the lagging stops – This doesn’t occur when Teams has a call going, the whole remote desktop window simply freezes and will not recover.

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